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A site for those with an interest in the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives, past or present, and related subjects.
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PostSubject: Posting images   Posting images Empty11/16/2013, 10:19 pm

(upload images sparingly as they tend to eat through the Forums memory)

Here are some instructions on uploading images.

It depends on where you want the picture. If you just want an 'avatar' picture at the side of you postings then you need to go to your Profile page from the commands at the top of the OBC Connect page. There, you will see another set of commands along the top that you can select. One of them is called "Avatar". Click on that. There's a series of entries there that allow you to browse your computer's directory and select the picture you want, or link to it if it is hosted elsewhere.

Embeded picture
If you want to insert a pictue in a post it is quite easy, if a bit fiddly to put up a pic like the one below (mind you you have to treck half way down the Grand Canyon to get the pic!). The instructions are underneath the pic.

Posting images Platea10 (ctrl+p)

Plateau Point, half way down the Grand Canyon, evening, 30th July 2009, looking west
(I centred this image by clicking on the image and then on the 'Centre' button,, 6th from left.)

1. Note where you image is on your computer.
2. Goto the reply box in the thread that you want to post in and click on the 'Host an image' button above the box. The first button in the block of buttons for linking images and YouTube etc. (at the moment the fifth block of buttons)
3. In the pop up window use the browse button to browse to and select your image then click the 'Host it' button in the popup window. 
4. In the new pop up window that opens copy, by clicking the copy button, for the bottom 'Image url :' box which has the address of where your image is being hosted.
5. Close the popup box and click the 'Image' button above the reply box (next to the 'Host an image' button) and paste in the address from 4 by clicking in the box and hold the [Shift] key down and press the [Insert] key. Now click the 'OK' button to close the popup and Voila! the image should appear in the reply box.

After you have typed in what you want you can reposition the image by clicking on it and then dragging it to the location you prefer.

NB Some pictures can be very memory greedy and all pictures should be shrunk and saved at the lowest reasonable quality before being put up. This can be done in most image manipulation programs or very simply using a site such as: http://www.shrinkpictures.com/. This image was shrunk from 1.78MB to 94.6KB, so about down to about a twentieth of its original size.
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PostSubject: Re: Posting images   Posting images Empty6/17/2017, 1:44 am

Hello guys nice to meet you here ,, i am  new in this web site .. )) how can i post pictures . ??
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Posting images
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