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 Reporting Eko's leaving

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PostSubject: Reporting Eko's leaving   Reporting Eko's leaving Empty10/21/2013, 9:39 am

Lise wrote:
I get a handful of those communications each year or so, from people who went to the Abbey once or twice years ago, haven't kept up with the doings there, and are then very indignant & outraged when they run across this forum and start reading just a little bit about Eko. I wish they'd read a LOT of what's on the forum before emailing me with their protests, but alas, no.
Perhaps we should have a section just about Eko and the FTI, one which was open to reading but closed to additional comments, where the whole sorry saga is laid out clearly without any comments or embellishments from obstreperous individuals like me. We could then have a different section where anyone could comment. This would keep the historical and incontrovertible matters easy to find and not scattered about throughout the forum and surrounded by more controversial material.

If we do this I would suggest that we start a section here where we could jointly compile what we felt was important, i.e. the FTI summary report, SA's announcements about Eko's leaveing, and various peoples personal reports as to his behavior to them, suitable anonymised if necessary.
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PostSubject: Re: Reporting Eko's leaving   Reporting Eko's leaving Empty10/21/2013, 10:05 am

Mark, great idea -  and perhaps after the factual material is compiled here, the finished thread could be moved under one of the main headings such as "OBC Experiences", to make it more visible. A locked thread shouldn't upset anyone too much since they will have an open thread for comments.

Now all we need are volunteers to sort through the material - anybody out there who likes to do Wikipedia-type stuff?
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Reporting Eko's leaving
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