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 Sweeping Zen Website

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PostSubject: Sweeping Zen Website   Sweeping Zen Website EmptyFri Oct 05, 2012 11:10 am


I wanted to recommend this website, Sweeping Zen, curated by Adam Tebbe. I have placed some posts from Sweeping Zen on this forum from time to time. Not only does the site present interviews and essays from many western zen teachers, Adam also does not shy away from sharing the shadows and thorny inconvenient issues that arise. Sometimes he gets criticized for doing this, but there are few places in the western Buddhist world that freely and honestly have these conversations. As everyone who reads my posts on this site knows, I think addressing shadows is healthy and crucial to the future of Dharma. This is not Japan or ancient Tibet. Ignoring is just another form of willful ignorance.

So I recommend this site. And I have sent Adam some donations from time to time. It costs money to operate websites like this and it deserves support.
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Sweeping Zen Website
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