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 Informing, not endorsing

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Informing, not endorsing Empty
PostSubject: Informing, not endorsing   Informing, not endorsing Empty10/29/2010, 12:54 pm

I started this thread in order to answer questions I received via personal message. I hope the discussion below explains.

Lise wrote:
Hi Ed, glad to have you here -- welcome to the forum!
To my knowledge there are no formal affiliated OBC groups in Texas, like a recognized meditation group or priory. On Shasta Abbey's website you can find lists of affiliated groups in different locations in the UK and US.
I'm no longer practicing with the OBC so I'm not the best person to address your question about affiliating. Perhaps a current member will say something about it. But I think most people who want to know about the OBC would visit one of the Abbeys or a priory, look at how they practice, get to know the people there and become known to them, and then maybe establish linkages with other members on an individual basis.
Please feel free to use this forum to put out a message if you're open to being contacted by OBC members in Texas. There may be some people in your area, you never know, who have a sitting group or go to OBC retreats together.
Just a tip, it's best not to post your phone # or address openly since this is a public forum and we get trolls from time to time. Sharing contact details through private messaging or your own email is a good way to go.
Thanks once more for joining.

I’ve been asked why I would point someone toward contacting the OBC, given what I have said about harm. My answer is, I have two roles here and they don’t always line up. As an admin who greets a new member, I want to answer the questions they’ve asked, if I can. And I think using a neutral and objective tone is appropriate if that is how I feel about the question.

As an individual posting about my own experience, I can say the OBC wasn’t for me and it was right to stop going there. For someone else, they may find what they’re seeking; it’s not for me to say. I am still concerned about the harmful behavior and mindsets I saw among some of the monks and I don’t think those things can or will change quickly. But the information coming from the organization indicates they are aware of the problems and are trying to put more safeguards in place. It’s not for me to say that won’t work; perhaps it will. I would feel comfortable with a friend or family member who goes there to meditate, attend services, hear a dharma talk. What goes on in public seems to be better controlled and less likely to do harm than the spiritual counseling. That I would not recommend to anyone until some word comes out from the OBC about how they have, or intend to, fix the problems.

Another thing I should mention is that I have had private message exchanges with people who say “there’s so much more to the [whatever it is] story that you don’t know” or “if you really knew all the facts you wouldn’t be able to support someone going there”. And then they say they can’t discuss it, and the issue stops there as far as I’m concerned. I’m sure there is much I don’t know, but if the information isn’t exposed to the light of day,where people can discuss it (and defend themselves if they choose to), it is just something I can’t use in making up my own mind.

If anyone has more questions please let me know. I don’t mind talking about this because it is very important.


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Informing, not endorsing Empty
PostSubject: Re: Informing, not endorsing   Informing, not endorsing Empty11/3/2010, 10:56 am

"When I was born
And entered the world
I saw so much harm,
More than you can ever know.
If you knew,
You wouldn't be able to support
Someone going there."

Poem loosely based on anonymous quotes.
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Informing, not endorsing
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