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 Psychotic Buddha

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PostSubject: Psychotic Buddha   Psychotic Buddha EmptySat Jun 14, 2014 5:30 am

This is my blog - now has had over 20000 visits and may be of interest...

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H Sophia

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PostSubject: Re: Psychotic Buddha   Psychotic Buddha EmptySun Jun 15, 2014 9:28 am


I looked at your blog.  What an interesting site.  It will take time to read and explore the interesting links you have posted.  

And you are considering becoming a monk in the OBC?  Is that in England or the United States?  

I was a monk for several years at Shasta Abbey and then at a smaller temple for less than a year.  I read your questions about becoming a monk.  I think the fact that you are asking those questions indicates that you are a thoughtful person and are not jumping in without considering what you are doing.  

I hope you continue to post your thoughts and experiences as you progress toward your goal of becoming a Buddhist Monk.  I would be interested to hear why you chose the OBC.  Do you already have a teacher in the OBC and wish to train with that teacher, or is it their form of Zen Buddhism that draws you?

Thank you for being a part of this forum.  The more different points of view and experiences expressed here, the more I love being a part OBCC.  I have found posting on this site to be healing and wonderful.  My few posts here have been received with love and compassion and the questions that were asked I have found help me look at my experience from a new perspective.

Thanks again, for the link to your blog.

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Psychotic Buddha
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