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 Reverend Master Meido

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PostSubject: Reverend Master Meido   Reverend Master Meido Empty10/21/2021, 10:52 am


My name is Ty and I live in Northeast Oregon. My local connection to the monastic world is an OBC temple called the Wallowa Buddhist Temple.

The temple is ran by Reverend Master Meido Tuttle and Reverend Clarissa Beattie.

I have been in semi-regular communication with them for the last six years, I've been to one Sunday morning sitting instruction with them and I have gone on two other occasions, once to adopt their temple cat and another to help rake pine needles away from the walls of the temple.

My impression of them is that they are approachable, down-to-Earth monks who are very sincerely dedicated to the practice.

I spoke with them recently about next year doing some sort of sesshin or extended mediation retreat in their guest house. They were amenable to this.

The reason I want to do this is to see what it feels like to be a monastic, even if it's just a little taste, as I feel called in that direction.

Now to my actual question: has anyone on this forum had any dealings with Rev. Master Meido? 

I have read the majority of the topics on this forum in their entirety going back to the Eko scandal. I see lots of talk about rigid ossifications, institutionalization of the flaws of RMJK and bamboozlement happening at Shasta proper. 

It sounds like for the time being I will not take any trips to stay at Shasta but I want to know if the environment at the Wallowa Temple is likely to have any of those problems.

Thank you in advance.

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PostSubject: Re: Reverend Master Meido   Reverend Master Meido Empty11/18/2021, 10:46 am

Hello Ty,

I have known Rev. Master Meido for many years, and have only the greatest respect for her. (I don't know Rev. Clarissa as I have never met her).

Based on my trust in Rev. Master Meido, I think you are not likely to encounter problems at Wallowa Temple. 

However, as always, pay attention to what you encounter; and trust your Awareness.

Best Regards,

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Reverend Master Meido
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