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 SF ZenCenter - Mintues from a Board Meeting - Nov 1, 1969 - Kennett is discussed

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PostSubject: SF ZenCenter - Mintues from a Board Meeting - Nov 1, 1969 - Kennett is discussed   Fri Apr 18, 2014 1:05 pm

This is a transcript of the minutes of a San Francisco Zen Center board of directors meeting from November 1, 1969.  It is posted on www.cuke.com - David Chadwick's site.  David was a long-time member of Zen Center and wrote a few books about Shunryu Suzuki. 

I am posting it here because during the meeting Claude Dalenberg talks about Kennett.  This discussion took place a few months before she arrived in San Francisco. 


See page 4-5

Claude talks about Kennett coming in two months and that he invited her to stay with him.  He also suggests that Zen Center invite Kennett to visit Tassajara.  He relates how he met her at the London Buddhist Society 10 years before, then a little about her going to Sojiji.  He talks about her being the foreign guest master, trying to teach westerners Zen, but he said "it never worked out."  He also says he respects her for trying. 

(I never heard Kennett say that her teaching the foreigners at Sojiji didn't work out.  She mostly portrayed her work there as very successful.  Sometimes she talked about teaching "hundreds of people."   

Richard Baker then says that Kennett went higher in rank in the Soto system than anyone before.

And then Jean Ross (don't know who she is, but clearly a board member) says, "I was at Sojiji when Peggy was there - for a month.  She is a very intelligent woman.  She's had a great deal of trouble. She's used to doing just what she wants to do."

there's a key line - "She's used to doing just what she wants to do."
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PostSubject: Re: SF ZenCenter - Mintues from a Board Meeting - Nov 1, 1969 - Kennett is discussed   Sat Apr 19, 2014 9:57 pm

Interesting post Josh. Some words that hit home.

 She has  had a great deal of trouble...this seemed to follow Peggy Kennett,without question she fell out with Christmas Humphries before going to Japan, she fell out with people in Japan and fell out with members of her own organisation at Shasta,

We are talking about transmission at the same time, for me zen is very simple,...be here now. In practice at a temple one gets up the same time, eats the same meal at the same time, does the cermony,etc, there is little change,so much so that one does this moment,one is always brought back to this moment,on can not escape this moment, zazen is this moment all together no variation this moment. Everyone together this moment. I do not really know but is seems without manipulation the'dropping away' experiences do occur as the whole of the life is based on living this moment experiencing the non dual.
To pick up an interpretation, force this or that,offer explanation, use the practice to control the people,creating and setting up Empires,is instantly moving away from the the simple spirit of zen ..this moment.
We are having a national holiday for a few days and I am fulfilling a promise to my friend Bill Picard when he was dieing to visit the cliff where he was a hermit and sit on the rock he meditated on,and visit the Japanese garden,I have taken some photos  I am not sure how to put them on here , I will try  later his meditation rock is worth a look
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SF ZenCenter - Mintues from a Board Meeting - Nov 1, 1969 - Kennett is discussed
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